Concrete mixing station electronic control systems Details Concrete mixing station electrical control system consists of mainframe computers, monitors, printers, communication cables, weighing instruments, bridge, and other components. l, operation and management in one, easy to operate. 2, batching system uses computer centralized control. 3, mixing station operating data can kemp mould electric vibration motors – psv series be stored for more than 10 years, easy to set up management. 4, the formulation may be a number, user identification, the recipe can be dozens. 5, in the case from the automatic control, manual operation of the system can still complete control of the mixing station, such as ingredients, mixing, unloading and other work. The advantage of using automatic concrete mixing station With the development of science and technology and technology, all kinds of devices are automated direction, such as automatic washing machines, which we are familiar and simple. Of course, it is also fully automatic concrete mixing station direction, there are many companies we have gained automatic concrete mixing station. Thus, in addition to the intelligent automatic concrete mixing station, what other advantages does it work?       First of all, we know that automatic concrete vibrator shaft diesel vibrators for sale concrete mixing plant is fully computer system, which is what we call intelligent control to control. Of course, there are computer-controlled automatic concrete mixing station said the material, and will be very accurate than the material, as long as this man set right, all kinds of data without any error, thereby ensuring concrete mixing station ingredients stabilize and improve the quality of concrete. Second, automatically reduce all kinds of waste, automatic concrete mixing plant different numbers are accurate, many of which are closed, but not because of the decline in volatile or unnecessary waste, compared to full automatic concrete mixing plant than to save a lot The manual operation. But also reduces the manpower and material resources, so that the health of workers has been further protected. On rough concrete mixer explain two ways  A concrete mixer, there are two general ways, the hopper feeding method: mixing hopper material way station HZS25 mixing station, HZS35 mixing station, HZS50 mixing station, HZS75 mixing station, four concrete mixing plants belong Simple concrete mixing station, mixing station such material in accordance with the user needs can be converted into a belt. Belt material way: the way of the use of external electric concrete vibration motor zw-10 the material on the belt mixing station has HZS60 mixing station, HZS90 mixing station, HZS120 mixing station, HZS180, HZS240 mixing stations and other large concrete mixing station above can be employed on the belt material way station.